致WTU全体国际学生的一封公开信 An open letter to all international students of WTU

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Dear students,


In this special period of time, I would like to extend my cordial greetings to you and your family! I wish you all peace and good luck!


At present, the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection is still going on. In face of the epidemic, the Chinese government has taken a series of scientific and rational actions to block the epidemic by mobilizingthewholecountry through effective measures. WTU has also done a lot of work. In order to maintain the safety of the campus and the safety and health of the students, WTU disinfects the public places every day and helps everyone monitor their temperature. The Secretary and the President of WTU also visited you in the apartment. So far, no international student has been infected. Please be reassured.


During this period, all the IEC members have been with you, concerned about your mental health and daily life, your self-protection mesures and physical health. We have sent to you masks and thermometers, arranged student ministers to check the ventilation and kitchen hygiene every day, organized appropriate outdoor sports, and purchased oil, flour, eggs and other living materials for you.


At this moment, we have a deeper understanding of the meaning of ‘community of shared future for mankind’. On one ship, we should be waiting for each other. The teacher is the lookout on the ship releasing the front-line information to you in time to remind you to pay attention to safety, don’t panic, don't go out if there’s no special things, in difficult times, try to reduce the requirements of life, go out as little as possible, we will show up in front of you when you really need to be provided with living materials.


For the 24 students from Bangladesh and India who returned home today, I would like to say that in fact, many of you do not want to leave. When some of you said goodbye to me before leaving, I felt your strong feelings and tears in your eyes. I hope you will cherish your time together with your family. I will miss you very much. I believe that the epidemic will pass soon. IEC teachers and other international students are waiting for you to come back in Wuhan.


I know that there are still some students from Bangladesh and India who have not been evacuated. You chose to stay. I want to say a few words to you and other students who stay on campus: With my own experience of fighting SARS in 2003, I believe that in a few more days, the virus will retreat, the situation will improve, we will win, and let’s wait in Wuhan for the good news of China's victory!


My dear students! In fact, wherever you go, my sight will follow you. There is an old saying in China: teacher and student are like father and son. I will care for you as I care for my children! I promise that as long as the epidemic does not end, I will not leave you for a moment, we will always be together!



GS Pan


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